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Effective end date: April 22, 2019

These terms of service (herein the “Terms of Service”) are provided by Uplifter Inc. (herein the “Uplifter”) to you, the Uplifter customer account holder (herein the “Customer”) in regards to the use of the Uplifter Software (herein the “Software”) at an available subdomain of (herein the “Website”).

Under this Agreement, Uplifter Inc. agrees to provide the Customer access to the Uplifter Software as a Service (herein the “Service”). The provision of this Service will be subject to the Terms of Service as provided below. The term of this Agreement will begin from today's date and expire on the last day of the following calendar month. Provided that the Customer is in compliance with the Terms of Service and neither party has delivered to the other, at least thirty (30) days prior to the end of a then Current Term, written notice of Termination, this Agreement will automatically renew for an additional calendar month.

Access to the Service

The Service will be provided to the Customer at an available sub-domain of of their choice.
New Uplifter Bronze, Silver, Gold, Association, and Competition accounts will not be subject to fees until the earlier of:
  • the Customer explicitly renewing to a paid service plan
  • the Customer activating the Customer’s Site to "Live" status
  • the Customer begins collecting and processing actual registration data for operational use or with completed financial transaction data
at which time, the Customer will have renewed at the Service Plan rates defined in the Customer's Uplifter Plan page within the Customer's Uplifter Site. Uplifter, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel any accounts due to Customer inactivity or perceived malicious activity on the Customer's Site.

Any tier switching resulting in a change in the prepayment amount will be calculated as an according charge or credit and invoiced upon renewal.