Archived Billing and Refund Policy

Legal Notices » Customer Agreement » Archived Customer Agreements Archived Billing and Refund Policy effective as of March 1, 2013

Effective end date: April 30, 2016

The Software provided by Uplifter Inc. (herein the “Uplifter”) is subject to the following Billing and Refund policies as it applies to Uplifter’s customers (herein the “Customer”)

  • All Service fees are charged in Canadian funds (CAD).
  • All Service fees are exclusive of any applicable taxes, levies or duties (in Canada, GST or HST if the Customer is located in the provinces of British Columbia, Ontario, Newfoundland, New Brunswick or Nova Scotia).
  • Service fees are calculated and invoiced on the last business day of each calendar month.
  • The calculation of the Software Service is calculated from completed program registrations from the previous calendar month as summarized at the end of each calendar month. Program registrations include any registrations completed by individual users for their own family participants or by administrative users that register users into programs on behalf of the family or participants on new or pre-existing invoices. Service fees are not calculated on purchases that are not specifically related to program registrations (e.g., sold products or membership subscription fees).
  • If no active programs are created by the Customer on an annual basis or if there are no active programs (ie. where program events do not occur regardless of whether they are open for registration) in Uplifter by the Customer for for a period exceeding 4-months or if the Customer does not intend to use the Software for program registration, a Non-activity Service fee will be charged based on a per participant (active and inactive) per month calculation.
  • Service fees will be calculated upon initial program registrations regardless of registration payment schedule. There will be no refunds made for program cancellations, withdrawals or partially completed programs after a registration has been accounted for and invoiced.
  • Customers that exceed a program cancellation or withdrawal rate greater than 10% or non-program registration revenues that exceed 50% of their gross revenues will have their accounts subject to review, and may be subject to either service termination or subject to additional Service Fees based on total gross revenues.
  • Any customized services that are requested will be invoiced in the calendar month as the services are rendered.
  • Payment terms for all invoices is 15 days upon receipt. Accounts in arrears will be subject to having their Services terminated immediately.

Cancellation and Termination

Uplifter Customer’s are subject to the term of their Customer Agreement with Uplifter. A request to terminate the Service prior to the Service expiry date by the Customer must be provided to Uplifter in writing no less than thirty (30) days from the desired termination date, and will be subject to a Cancellation Fee per participant per month of the remaining service term and will be due upon termination. Upon termination, all data and content will be deleted and will be unrecoverable upon cancellation. Uplifter reserves the right to cancel and terminate accounts or refuse service due to non-payment, abuse of the Service or any other violation of the Terms of Service.

AS OF APRIL 30, 2016:


Uplifter has introduced new Service Plan fees. For any Customer wishing to move to a new Service Plan prior to the expiry date of the Customer’s term contract, Uplifter will offer a one time credit and waiving of certain fees for any club wishing to terminate their existing contract early. This will include:
  • Waiving of any cancellation or non-activity fee incurred at time of cancellation
  • A one-time credit for their setup fees against their new Monthly Fees based on prepayment options (calculated based on their initial contract date)
  • The waiving of any fees calculated on invoice payments that have a creation time prior to the service plan change date.
Customers who wish to change to the new Service Plans can make a formal Service Plan change request via email at before the last calendar day of the month to be effective as of the completion of the last calendar day of the subsequent month. For more information on Uplifter’s new Service Plans, see our Pricing Page and new Billing and Refund Policy Page. If your club belongs to an affiliated organization that entitles your club to the organization’s discounted rates, please feel free to contact us at for additional information on those rates.